Safety Information

A copy of the Materials Safety Data Sheet can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Materials Safety Data Sheet (PDF file - 60.1kb)

Hydrostatic Testing

It is a statutory requirement as with all pressurised cylinders to have a hydrostatic test carried out every 10 years for Aluminium and 5 years for steel Cro-Molly cylinders to ensure the safety of the cylinder.

For Sydney based customers who participate in the 'swap and go' refill arrangement with our retailers we will arrange all testing at no cost to you. For other customers the cost of this will range between $30 to $40 (every 10 years) which is fairly minor given the overall savings on rental (around $1000).

There are hundreds of licensed testing locations throughout Australia who can carry out this testing for you. Check out the Mykegonlegs CO2 Cylinder testing locations or browse through the yellow pages ( for your local testing site.

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